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Oh, You’re Into Pronouns Huh?

Me too

Free Magic

Nice van

I Love Shoplifting

Fuck Walmart

Bucket of Shit

Just like yesterday

Gaslighting isn’t real you crazy bitch

Get your head checked

Is My Bike Okay?

Forget my broken leg

Fornicate Thyself

and the Steed Upon Which Thou Didst Arrive

Waffle Stomp

Drain maker

The Dyslexorcist

You slimeless faith

Drag My Ass to Flavortown

Highway to Hell

On the Struggle Bus

The only way to fly

Always Check For Eggs First

Story of my life

Shredding a Tidal Wave of Whiskey

Catch the wave

Walk Away, I Am a Scatman


Excuse Me, My Eyes Are Up Here.

Skeleton problems

Sorry Ladies

No Vacancy

Fuck If I Know

The More You Know…

Richard Blunts

So a joint then?

John Wick Should Have Been Called Keanu Grieves

Keanu supports this message

Enjoy Today, Tomorrow Will Be Worse

Dimming sunshine