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I Love Fishing

My Pussy Tastes Like RC Cola

and wears a royal crown

Richard Blunts

So a joint then?

Bitch, Shit Up!

Better to shit down

Cheese Slut

Don’t cheese-shame me

Born to Piss

Forced to cum

Creative Drug Store

Advertising while shopping

Family Color Electric Crow

That doesn’t look like purple

Xanax Faces

Many wonderful faces

Fronk En Steen

I have no idea

Koala Care Ketamine

Please don’t

Don’t Be Sad Laundry

Think I’ll eat a Tide pod

Keep the Future


Not Being Beyoncé

True suffering

Taekwondo Gun Belt

Yellow belt +

John Wick Should Have Been Called Keanu Grieves

Keanu supports this message

Eat Pant

Don’t have a farm, man.

Billie Eilish Boobs

Made me look

Anal, Hawaii

Welcome to Hanalei

Back Pains: Middle-Aged Punk

I Against Time