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Sperm Supreme

We likes to cream jeans.

Not Involved in Human Trafficking

Suuure you’re not

Hey Fuck Face

Yosemite the fuck away from me

It’s Not Gay If It’s TSA

The best part of modern travel.

Wolf Scoot

I seem to have some irritation

Puttin’ Hexes On My Exes

Not that they need it

Sir, No Food or Drinks Allowed

Let me introduce you to my little friend.

Local McDonalds GameCube

Where you go?

Top Cunt

Highway to the Douchey Zone

Girl, Cheer Up.

We’re Here.

Friend ‘Em All

Tom knew how to rock.

I Put Out For Santa

“Milk & Cookies”

Cute as Hell

Lookin’ good, Baphomet


Manage this

So Human Is Tough

Well shit

We Cut Shirts


Edible Just Kicked In

Uh oh

Be Fucking Nike

Just fucking do it!

Legalize 4 Loko


Not Here Toilet

Please stand by