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Fluff This Shit

Take your magic and shove it

Cheese Slut

Don’t cheese-shame me

Let’s Start a Cult!

Ohh yeeaaa!!

Born to Piss

Forced to cum

Deviled Hot Dogs


Enjoy Today, Tomorrow Will Be Worse

Dimming sunshine

Thou May Ingest a Satchel of Richards

In case of hunger, open satchel

Learn About Recycling

Return from whence you came.

Don’t Slut-Shame, Slut-Celebrate

How about a round of applause?

The Adventures of Magic Mushroom

Who knows where we’ll go

Wrestling is Real God is Fake

From the top rope

5 Layer

Reign in Salsa

Yeah, I’m Gay

Good at Yu-Gi-Oh

Employee of the Month

You’re killing it!

Movie Night

Netflix and chillin’

This Bussy Belongs to God

He made it

Sorry Honey

You just don’t measure up

Yes, Today Satan.

What should we do?

Meal Team 6

Ronald’s packing

My Heart Will Go On

Every night in my dreams