Mandatory Vasectomies

Sperms are life too

Pretend I’m Ryan Gosling

I go fast

I’m a Meth Mom

Irregular Mom

No Cum On It

But the night is young

It Don’t Matter…

None of this matters.

Ahead of You

Just so you know the score

The Line King

Fuck the kingdom

Butt Lift

Extra support

Ramen Noodle Soup

Top and Bottom Ramen

He Said We Could Still Be Cousins

Family first

It’s Not a Beer Belly

A full tank for Cozumel

Hear Me Out


Ironically Hot

Not seeing the irony here

Walk Away, I Am a Scatman


You Are What You Eat

Plant Man

Excuse Me, My Eyes Are Up Here.

Skeleton problems

Stop Being Poor


Sorry Ladies

No Vacancy

Lobster Mittens

On the frozen sea

Quentinen and Tarantined by Writtin Directino

Quentinen and Tarantined