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I Only Accept Apologies in Cash

You owe me

Oh, You’re Into Pronouns Huh?

Me too

Bisexual? Fine By Me.

Good luck, buddy.

Dump Him

Make him your number 2

First Name: Sausage

Last Name: Peppers

You Give Me The Ick

Going to the clinic now.

My Dick Smells Like Chapstick

Classic spearmint

Money Comes


Boys Lie

No they don’t

Insecurity Guard

Do what you want

Dear Person Behind Me

Jesus loves you, yes I know.

Scooter Hussy

No life like low life

Is My Bike Okay?

Forget my broken leg

Regular Bowel Movements

God’s oppression

I Wish These Were Brains

I don’t

Please Forget Everything

I said ever.

God Will Kill You


I Love Black Pussy

Black Pussy Matters

Complex Volcanologist

Mr. Bean is my bitch

Faith in Jesus Saves

A battle has been waged