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I Only Accept Apologies in Cash

You owe me

Oh, You’re Into Pronouns Huh?

Me too

Bisexual? Fine By Me.

Good luck, buddy.

Dump Him

Make him your number 2

Norm Macdonald Retro

Wanna hear a joke?

Boys Lie

No they don’t

Insecurity Guard

Do what you want

I Need To Poop!

Poop art

Scooter Hussy

No life like low life

Macho Man Fred Savage

The cream of the crop

Is My Bike Okay?

Forget my broken leg

Regular Bowel Movements

God’s oppression

I Wish These Were Brains

I don’t

Fornicate Thyself

and the Steed Upon Which Thou Didst Arrive

The Dyslexorcist

You slimeless faith

On the Struggle Bus

The only way to fly

I Heart Kansas Dick

I ❤️ Kansas girls

Show Me Your Butthole

Buy me a drink

I Saw That!

Jesus the cuck

Hear Me Out