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Bisexual? Fine By Me.

Good luck, buddy.

Friends Who Care Share!

No man left behind

I Love Black Pussy

Black Pussy Matters

Show Me Your Butthole

Buy me a drink

Foreplay’s Over

Time to draw the line

Professional Rawdogger

Accept no amateurs

No Cum On It

But the night is young

It’s Not a Beer Belly

A full tank for Cozumel

No Jesus, No Pants

Flock to Him

Cum Hair Don’t Care

Fun at the gym

Born to Piss

Forced to cum

Don’t Be Sad Laundry

Think I’ll eat a Tide pod

Tits or Tires

See also: pigs

Jizz Addicts

Play the right notes

Plan For Today

Was a good day

MILF: Man I Love Fisting

Just wtf

You’ve Gotta Be Blown To Be Known

For reasons unknown

Don’t Slut-Shame, Slut-Celebrate

How about a round of applause?

Don’t Bother I’m Not Drunk Yet

I’m not drunk yet

Keep Calm and Try Anal

Might need an ale too