Tag: Food

Ramen Noodle Soup

Top and Bottom Ramen

You Are What You Eat

Plant Man

Lobster Mittens

On the frozen sea

Ghost in the Taco Bell

Taco meat in this shell

Cheese Slut

Don’t cheese-shame me

Deviled Hot Dogs


Keep the Future


5 Layer

Reign in Salsa

Cocaine & Caviar

Never judge a stump by its cover

Oat Meat

More than a meal

Raccoon Suit

No garbage tonight

Meal Team 6

Ronald’s packing

Meat is Murder

But ribs are delightful

Ranch Dressing is a Blessing

Nectar of the Gods

Pizza Slut

Going down on some pepperoni

A Toast to the Gulls

Let’s go to the beach

New York Pizza Slice

A picture that sums up that NYC life.

Taco is Hotdog

It’s pretty obvious when you think about it.